October 10, 2011

One Thing You Should ALWAYS Be Doing...

There's one thing you could (and should) always be doing. Maybe right now you're feeling adrift - like you really have no idea what you want to do with your life. Almost all of us have been there, 1/2 way through college, questioning, "Do I really want to major in Philosophy...and minor in Art History? What am I going to do with this?" While I would seriously have zero advice for you about what the heck to do with your Art History degree, I would start with another question: What are you doing right now? Whether you're struggling with your degree choice, your upcoming career, making a job change, going back to school, starting that business, or whatever it may be, what are you doing RIGHT NOW? Because there is ALWAYS this one thing you should be doing. If you're a follower of Jesus Christ, you are called to "make disciples". And this means you should ALWAYS be investing in someone. ALWAYS!

You might add or ask, "How can I invest in someone - how can I "make disciples" - if I don't even know what the heck I'm doing with my life?" While you may not know what you're doing with your career, as a Christ-follower, you should clearly know what you're doing with your life. Jesus said, "Come, follow me." And you said, "OK!" But somewhere along the road we lose sight of that and get wrapped up in our own chaos and confusion. We begin being consumed with the DOING and lose focus on the BEING. Our world starts revolving around things like my major, my career choice, and my promotion...and as a result, we abandon the mission and path we embraced  when we put our faith in the carpenter from Nazareth. Have you found yourself there? Has your vision in life been blurred?

If you're feeling lost or confused, second-guessing everything in your life right now, I would encourage you to make a simple commitment: Begin investing in someone else. Meet them for lunch once a week and talk about life. Walk together through a book of the Bible (like Philippians or Ephesians). Find an opportunity in or with your church to serve together. Do life. Invest in them! When you do, a lot of other things will begin to come clear.

Have you witnessed or experienced this in your own life? 
Would love to hear your story!


SaysMindy said...

I used to have almost anxiety attacks about what to do with my Sociology major until I realized I wasn't living my life. I was trying to live the future. I gave it to God and he has blesed me tremendously. Live for today and make the difference today.

Brian Mayfield said...

Great words!

Keena said...

Good words....Hard but true