July 21, 2011

Just For Men (Part 2)

If you missed yesterday's post, read it first: PART 1

While I could go on and on with other lists of things I think we as men need to take care of and attend to, I think I need to skip all of that. Let's get down to business. Over the past several years I've been incredibly frustrated, burdened, and broken over how many women I see spiritually leading their families. And yes, some of them are single moms, who may have been walked out on and left to teach, raise, and provide for their children on their own. I pray that we (as the church) step in and become family for these families. But I'm being a bit more specific with this post. I'm referring to a woman I watched for 10 years, raising her 2 daughters to be Godly servant-hearted women. Modeling what it looks like to be a selfless loving wife and mother. Walking into church every Sunday. Alone. While her husband was ______________. Fishing? Golfing? Sitting on his dead a$% while she faithfully showed her daughters the importance of walking with the Lord. What is this?

I'm thinking about another mom who tried to fight the same battle for her daughter and son - battling (warring) against college football and the country club. And another mom I'm watching fight the same battle right now. These are just the ones that I see - the ones that are right under my nose. How many thousands of women right this moment are walking the road of raising their children to know and follow Jesus Christ...and walking the road alone. Dad's there - physically. But not spiritually. Dad usually even professes faith in Christ. Dad says, "I'm a Christian". He's got proof. He showed up on Easter for crying out loud!

If you're a man, and you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, and you're not spiritually leading your family, you're fooling yourself.

I'm not writing this to chastise you, condemn you, or judge you. But I am writing as a brother in Christ to warn you: You are missing the greatest opportunity of your life - to love, teach, and lead your wife and kids to follow and trust in the ONLY One worthy! There will be no regret in your life of greater significance than if you look back and realize that you forfeited this responsibility and privilege. We are called to "make disciples". That begins under our own roof!

If you want to be a man, love the Lord, walk with Him, and lead your family.


Frank said...

Thanks Brian... this is perfect timing. I'm preaching “Husband, love your wife!” this Sunday am, and, besides getting my rear-end handed to me consistently this week, have really been crushed as I view the landscape that has become "masculinity;" leaving discipleship to the women. Time to act like men.

So, I might use this as a reference for our folks. Probably not post #1, but this one definitely. ha! keep on brother

Brian Mayfield said...

Thanks Frank. I agree. And I'm constantly challenged to live it out at home as well. Praying for your sermon this weekend!

Stony and Brit said...

So if you are one of these women--what do you do besides continually pray for your husband?

Brian Mayfield said...

I wish I had the golden answer to that question, Brit. At the same time - hoping it doesn't sound cliche' - I don't know of anything more powerful than praying that the Lord transforms his heart. I'll be praying that with you!

Stony and Brit said...

Thank you