June 30, 2010

Guatemala 2010

Well, here we go. About to hit the bed, get up in the morning and head to Guatemala. Not sure I'll even get any sleep. I am excited, nervous, freaked, and trying to steady a wave of emotions that I'm not even sure how to identify. The reason: simple. The Lord has been breaking my heart and shaking my shell the last several years for the orphan - for children all over the world who have no one to call "Daddy" and nowhere to call "home". And tomorrow...I'm headed to Amor del Nino, a childrens home in the heart of this Central American country. And I believe the Lord has plans.

Right now my prayer is simple: Lord, keep my eyes and heart open to any and every opportunity You place in front of me. Give me the opportunity to speak Your Name and share the Gospel with someone - ANYONE - in need of You!

I appreciate you joining our team by praying with us & for us.
Updates to come......

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