June 15, 2008

My Father's Day Memoir

I took my family to the airport this morning - said goodbye before the sun came up on Father's Day. It's painfully apparent to me now that every time I'm away from my family I feel more and more lost, like I can't totally find myself. So I'm sitting here at home, a fraction of me, asking God to ready me for what's ahead. So much ahead.

Every time I cross the border to build houses, God reveals Himself in a new way. More and more each time I see things in a new light. A great source of God's voice comes through the part of your soul where your children's faces & voices live. When I meet these families in Mexico, I look at their children...and i see my own. I wonder what it would be like to be them. For me, there's nothing like this experience to cause all self-centeredness to run for the hills. And isn't that where I'm supposed to be running? Constantly?

I miss them so much already. Who knows what I'll be feeling a week from now. And if you're with me, don't ask. You'll know. Maybe the concrete dust and the heat will make it all a little easier. 

Who am I kidding?

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