January 14, 2008

Who Will Go?

In reading in My Utmost this morning I'm reminded of the call of God in Isaiah 6:8, "Who will go for us? Whom shall I send?" Isaiah quickly spoke up and said, "I'll go Lord. I'll be Your voice. I'll go to the people." What we rarely pay attention to is that this was not God calling Isaiah - God was calling and Isaiah happened to overhear it. His only response - because his heart was in tune with the Almighty - was to say, "Send me".

I think so many of us are often waiting on our special calling - for our divine billboard of direction and/or purpose - and all the while God is calling. "Who will go and tell the people?" And our reason and rationalization takes over. "Oh, that's not my calling. That's for someone else. That doesn't really fall under my 'gifting' or my passions. I'm waiting on God's special call for me."

And we wait. And wait. And wait......

When our heart is beating for the Creator and Redeemer we begin to hear Him whispering ever-so-softly. We figure out that the "still small voice" wasn't just the way He communicated with Elijah, but with all of us. Are we listening? Are we ignoring?

Who will go?

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