January 24, 2008

The True Center

Lately I've been in the "funk". I've talked to some of my friends recently about the restlessness I'm feeling, like nothing satisfies me. I'm so tired of the routine. Not the discipline part of routine, but the Groundhog Day, "Here we go again" part. When this happens you start overanalyzing and emotionally overblowing everything. At least I do. I start wondering things that I roll my eyes about when other people wonder. It's all quite disconcerting.

Today I read in Acts 26 where Paul is standing in front of King Agrippa and the court and sharing his testimony. When he tells them about his conversion - about his face-to-face encounter with Christ on the Damascus Road - he says that Christ told him "I have appeared to you to appoint you as my servant and my witness". Pretty simple. Paul always kept it simple. Then, in Philippians 3 he says that nothing even compares to "the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord." And herein lies my problem.

So many times I get infatuated with other things. #1 for me - WHAT I'm doing for God. And Paul is trying to tell us that nothing we can ever DO for God will even hold a candle to the privilege of KNOWING Him. So why do I spend so much more time and energy on a daily basis trying to DO things for Him rather than pursuing Him and seeking to know Him?

I have no response. (I actually just stared at the screen for what seemed like 5 minutes waiting for an answer. Didn't get one. Weird)

But I am refreshed and reminded today that when I begin to fall into the "funk" that it's time to get back to the true center: knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.
Whatever it takes, get back to that true center.


The Ken said...

Maybe you get wrapped up in what you DO for God because you know the importance of KNOWING God. What we DO should ultimately help others KNOW God, and that is, hopefully, what drives our DOING. To me, if this is your reason for getting so into what you are “doing” for God, that’s not too bad of an issue.

Did that make sense?

Brian Mayfield said...

I completely understand what you're saying. But the way I see it is that anyone who needs me to point them to God needs me to focus on KNOWING Him more than what I'm DOING for Him.

Does that make sense?