January 17, 2008

Some Things I've Noticed

Lately, there are some things I've noticed. In all honesty, some of these things have caught my attention (for better or worse) for quite awhile. Maybe you've noticed, maybe not, but I've got to get it out on the table.

First of all, there are these signs at many intersections now that say "Right Lane Must Turn Right". I've noticed that most people either don't pay attention to these signs or just don't give a flying flip about it. Some woman almost smashed into me the other day because the sign obviously didn't apply to her.

I've also figured out that you can always find the chain smokers when it's sub-zero outside. They're the ones driving down the road in the blizzard with their window cracked, freezing everyone else out of the car, so that 16 inch crack can vacuum the smoke right on out of there. But hey, at least the other passengers aren't getting lung cancer. Am I right?

And how about the genius in the marketing department for Liberty Income Tax who decided that it would be a great idea to stick some poor sap out on the corner in an Uncle Sam or Statue of Liberty costume. It pains me to sit at a stop light and watch aforementioned sap chasing his Uncle Sam hat across the parking lot, trying not to freeze to death, standing head on into the 25 mph north wind. Do you think I'm going to these people for help with my taxes? I think not.

Sorry, there's not really any theological insight from this whatsoever. I just feel that taking a lighthearted look at the world around you and laughing about it is important every once-in-awhile. And if you happen to be a smoking, Uncle Sam costume wearing driver that ignores traffic signs, please accept my apologies.

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Keith said...

I'd forgotten about the poor shmuck at Liberty. Always prompts a little sad laughter. And you think the smokers are bad down there, try a high temperature of 6 degrees and both drivers side windows down so the two smokers on the right side don't kill the two non-smokers on the left. Makes me want to smack somebody.