January 26, 2008

I'm Just Sayin'

Let me start by saying, "I'm not a democrat". But let me also say, I'm not a republican anymore, either. I find myself in a place that 4 or 5 years ago I would never have imagined: neutral. I don't want a party, a label, some sort of imposed categorical demand of what I'm supposed to vote for or any other political load of hoo haa pressed on me. I'm done with it.

But I had a thought. I'm sitting here a moment ago watching Barack Obama give his victory speech after cleaning house in South Carolina. Hillary Clinton, who barely set foot in the state the last week (she let her husband do that!) came in second. And then there's John Edwards. Oh, John. In his homeland of the Palmetto State he came in a whopping 3rd out of 3. I have some advice for Mr. Edwards. Pick up the phone. Call Obama. Tell him, "Congratulations on kicking my butt in my home state. I've had a thought. Most of the votes I'm getting would probably go to you if I bowed out - at least that's what my people tell me. So, here's the deal. I'll bow out if you'll take me as your running mate. Let's claim the ticket right now, before there's ever a nomination. Together, we can do it. Wha'da you think?"

If John Edwards would humbly step back and realize he is NOT going to win this thing in a million years...BUT, he still has a shot of getting to the White House, I think he would make that call. I don't know what you think, I'm just sayin'.

This is a non-partisan, hypothetical idea from a worn out, undecided voter. If you disagree with the proposition, great. Explain why.

VOTE 2008.
If you have no VOTE, you have no VOICE. Speak up!

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