January 13, 2008

The Creative Unpredictable Mystery

"In the beginning God created...." I'm sure you're aware of this. And in case you didn't know, creating takes creativity. I know it sounds stupid, but it's true. Creating something from nothing - bringing something new to life, something fresh, something that is birthed from within your own mind and soul - takes creative genius. Whether it's a small morsel or a catastrophic amount.

Being a creation of the Creator, also being told in Ephesians 5:1 to "Imitate" Him, it is my undeniable conclusion that I am a creative being. At least I used to be. And I'm supposed to be now. This is why I have reached the place in my life where I am at the end of my rope with predictability. I can no longer stomach hearing, watching, tasting, and experiencing the same old thing.

[Long pause for internal scream!]

Are you there?
Will someone please surprise us with a life that turns heads for God's sake?
Can someone go out on a limb and risk something - anything - for the chance to watch God use you like clay in a potter's hands?
I'm ready to go there.
Shock and awe. Caught off guard. Impossible to predict.

Is the life we're living pusing anyone to the ledge that peers over into the vast mystery of the God of the Universe?
That is where I want to be.

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