April 8, 2015



We all think we want it. Of course we do. We want our lives to be extraordinary. We want to climb mountains and cross finish lines. We want to see our abs, not just know they're under there somewhere. We want other people to remember us for what we did and how we lived. We want to carpe the fool out of this diem! We want these things. We want them really bad. But the big problem is, we don't want to suffer the pain and walk the road that leads to this place. The problem is...we misunderstand greatness.

Because, while crossing that finish line and reaching that mountaintop will most certainly be rewarding, those moments will not be greatness. They are the byproduct of greatness.

Greatness is my 83 year old friend I see at the gym every morning.

Greatness is that overweight lady in my neighborhood I see walking all the time.

Greatness knows that I can't go 10 steps until I've gone 1. Then 2. And 3....

Greatness cares more about the mission than the mirror. The mirror is a LIAR!

Greatness is discipline. It's self control. It's sacrifice. 

Greatness is wise enough to have discovered that the mountaintop itself is usually nothing to write home about. It's the view. It's looking back at the trail and the trek it took to reach that place.

Greatness never showed up at anyone's door and said, "Hey. I've come for you." You've got to get off your butt, get out the door, and go get your greatness. And remember: greatness isn't something you finally find at the end of that very long road. It IS the road!

How are you finding your greatness right now?
Would love to hear about it.

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