April 11, 2014

Simple Ways to Serve

[We sent out an email to our church family this morning. I thought it was worth posting here.]

One of our Core Values here at The Brook is Servant Leadership. We believe that "Actions speak louder than words." We'd like to share with you some simple ways to serve as part of the family of God.

Last year we introduced a simple mantra to you to encourage you to make Sundays about others - to think about others first. It's short, sweet, and straight to the point:
Come early. Park far. Sit close. Here's a reminder of WHY this is such a simple, yet powerful way to serve others. We come early because we want to be there in time to greet other people, especially our guests who may be there for the first time. We park far so that there's always a parking space closer for the person or family that may be new, have a pregnant mother, or even just bad knees. And we sit close so that friends or families - particularly guests - who arrive late can come in and easily find a seat. Please understand, while Easter approaching is a motivator for us ask you to consider this, our intent is not for this to be a repititious seasonal swing, but an adopted mindset and way of life. This is a small thing that can make a HUGE impact every single week. Would you pray about making this a part of your Sundays? We promise, in a very short time you will be blessed by what God does through your putting others first.

You may have noticed we said "Simple Ways to Serve", as in plural. Well, here's another one. About once a year we begin to see our 10:45 service quickly expand to the point of being full. It's a great thing! But it also brings with it a dilemma: We begin to run out of room. Let us share with you a simple way you can make a significant impact. If you come to the 10:45 service simply out of convenience, would you pray about moving to the 9:00 service? We have people who serve at 9:00 who have no choice but to come to the 10:45 service. There are families with 5th & 6th Graders who come to The Bridge at 10:45. Some people, couples, and families have no choice on Sundays for corporate worship but the late service. Convenience has no part in their decision. If that's not you, we'd like to share with you some of the Top Reasons to Attend the 9:00 Service:
  • The coffee is FRESH! Juan Valdez has just finished grinding it around 8:30, putting it in the roaster, and brewing it up. It's amazing! (So we hear.)
  • You have more of your day ahead of you to play, relax, or even frolic. If you're into frolicking. If you haven't frolicked in awhile, this would be your chance.
  • Not only could you be the first one to eat lunch, you could be the last one to eat brunch! Who ever gets to enjoy brunch these days? 
  • Have small children? Well, more than likely you're awake anyway. You've probably been awake for several hours in fact. Go ahead and pack up the family and come on!
  • And last but certainly not least, you will make a difference! 
Would you pray about how the Lord wants Servant Leadership to come shining through in your life? Would you prayerfully consider making a small change on Sundays that can make a HUGE impact on someone else's life? Make a decision to make a difference!
Come early. Park far. Sit close.
Consider the 9:00 worship service.
These are some seriously simple ways to serve!

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