March 20, 2014

The Death of Hate

Having lived in Kansas for 10 years, I had my fair share of trying to stomach the vitriolic hate that Fred Phelps and his church spewed out. I know everyone in America has been subjected to their un-Jesus-like version of "Christianity", but the closer you are to the fire, the more you feel the heat. There were times I remember just simply wanting to retaliate. And I know the only reason I didn't was because of 1) the working of the Spirit of God in and through me and 2) the realization that I was feeling and experiencing the devastating truth that hate breeds hate. It's scary when you feel that welling up inside you. All you can do is pray - cry out to the Lord - and ask Him to consume you. 

So you'll have to understand the bizarre and confusing mix of emotions I've experienced this week as I heard about Fred Phelps' death. I won't lie to you; I have thought and felt things that I have had no category for. I've thought about how to express any of it or to share for someone else's benefit. Anything I typed, I just deleted. I had nothing.

But today I read Ed Stetzer's post on Christianity Today's website. It's titled:

I encourage you to take 5-6 minutes and read it.

Ed always has a great word. This is no exception.

How will we respond to hate? The only way to overcome it is through love.

The death of hate will only come at the hands of love. The love of God.

1 John 4:7-12

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