January 31, 2014

Are You Still Resolved?

This is it. It's finally here. The last day of the first month of the year. Didn't see it coming, did you? Me neither. Heck, I've already gotten used to writing 2014. That seems to happen every January. So what's the big deal? Well, chances are you determined to make some changes in your life this year. It may have even been one simple, single thing that you vowed to do differently. Start something new. Eat right. Exercise. Learn Spanish. (Muy bueno!) Read more books. 
Here it is in English: 

What did you resolve would be different?

[Is this all ringing a bell now?]

The reason I bring it up is because NOW is the time you're actually going to find out - or maybe a better word is "determine" - just how much resolve you have. NOW is the time - TODAY is the day - to evaluate your progress. Be honest. After all, it's only you that you'd be lying to. How's it going? 

Are you still resolved?

Regardless of where you stand or how you've done, I'd love to give you a few words of encouragement to keep moving forward. Here goes.

First off, if you failed, it's OK. You can start again. Did you almost make it? Like you just caved in last week? Or did you go off the reservation like Day 4? Either way, we've all been there. And you can either just tap out and concede, "I blew it!" and give up (OR) you can shake it off, refocus, and start again. Now you probably have an even better idea of where you're weak, vulnerable, or in need of encouragement. Get back on the horse, cowboy!

On another note, maybe you've been more resolved than ever before, stayed focused, pushed through, and are still on track. But you've all of a sudden noticed, "I seemed to be more weighed down, overcommitted, overbooked and overwhelmed. What gives?" This is where I'd encourage you to consider something that sounds elementary but seems to baffle even the best of us: When you ADD something to your life - something new, something beneficial, something constructive, even something great - you've nevertheless added something to your life. And I'm going to bet your life - your plate - was already a bit loaded to begin with. So the question now becomes: If you added something to your life, then what did you SUBTRACT? Think about it. Even if what you've started fresh has now overloaded you, it won't take long before you go stale. You know that moment when you flush the toilet...and suddenly begin to realizing there's water coming in but no water going out? Don't do that to your life! Find the balance. 

I'm now drinking about 1/3 of the diet soft drinks that I was last year. Which also translates to about 1/3 of the caffeine that was going into my body on a daily basis. Not gonna lie; there were a couple of ROUGH days! But the Lord has given me a lot more strength and a LOT more victory than what I expected. (Yes. Shame on me for such a puny lack of faith!) This has been one area of change and victory in my life. I'm grateful. 

What about you? 
What changes have you made?
Have you gotten off track, fallen off the wagon, or just plain flat given up?
Get back up. Read Philippians 4:4-20. Ask God to give you the strength. Surrender it to Christ. Trust that the Holy Spirit will fill you. Just remember: In order to be filled, you'll have to be emptied first. Maybe that's what these first days are all about.

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