June 25, 2012

Switch to INPUT

It's Monday. How's it going for you so far?
What is it with Mondays? It's just a day, right?
Normally - as a pastor who preaches twice on Sunday - I drag a bit on Monday. Sort of like I'm imitating a turtle. An excited turtle, anyway. 
But today.....forget about it! It's like Monday on Loritab!


You're going to have these days when it seems like your brain, your sense, your decision-making are all in the tank. You keep trying to write, craft, plan, create - trying to muster an ounce of productivity OUT of yourself - and it's like you're that rolled up tube of toothpaste that's been squeezed for the last and final time. NOTHING! So here's my theory:

When OUTPUT = ZERO, stop trying to produce. Switch to INPUT!

Read. Listen. Watch. Meditate on scripture. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something. Heck, maybe it's just your own brain saying, "I need a break! I need a refill!" Stop trying to FORCE something OUT and ALLOW something IN! When the tank is on EMPTY, you've pretty much got one sensible and realistic choice. INPUT. It just might send your productivity to a new place. Your Nowhere Monday just might lead to a Somewhere Tuesday. Been there?


randall ney said...

I like it! We just need to stay flexible to the Lord... Clay in the potters hand... If things aren't happening (output) we need to seek Him and find out why (input ;-) hahaha I LOVE it!

Please Father help me to stay flexible to Your will in my life!

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