June 14, 2012


In most cases, especially in relationship to leading, I think it's a safe bet to make your default to OVERDO IT! Think through this with me.

Give more than expected.
Overestimate peoples potential.
Overcompensate those you pay.
Work harder than anyone expects.
In almost all cases, the right thing to do is OVERDO IT. 
But WHY?

Simple. Because there are pretty much 2 alternatives:

1. You'll aim for "just right" or "just enough", and most of the time you won't hit it. About 90% of the time I think I've over-communicated, most people are just starting to either listen, absorb, or comprehend. Essentially, what we think is over-communication is probably just beginning to look like actual communication. When we think we've over-appreciated, that's rarely the case. Because most people aren't going to let us know they even want or need our appreciation. "Just enough" is hardly ever going to actually be enough.

2. And of course the other alternative is unthinkable - at least "You wouldn't dare say that out loud" unthinkable. Maybe that's unspeakable. Maybe it's both! Unthinkable, unspeakable, unacceptable - call it what you will. To under-communicate, under-appreciate, under-compensate, or underestimate those we are leading is just plain criminal. Isn't it? Didn't Jesus take teenage fishermen, thieves, and social drinkers and say, "Come, follow me"? Yes. I believe He did. And they went on to change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit! (Isn't that same calling, power, and presence still available to us today? Yes. I believe it is.)

When you think it's at the top, take it up a notch.
If you think you're love is cranked to 10, turn it up to 11!

What are some ways that we could begin (or continue) to OVERDO IT?

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