March 21, 2012

Leading :: Defining & Measuring

[This is a continuation from yesterday's post on Leading & Following. I would encourage you to read it first, then join this conversation.]

When I talk of leading - for me - it's always in the context of my life and calling as a Christian. I can't separate the two. And the concept of leading is also intrinsically, spiritually, biblically, and fundamentally tied to the calling of discipleship - the mandate laid out by Jesus Christ to His followers to "Go and make disciples". That said, if we're "leading" and there are others "following", but all they ever do is continue to "follow" - they never start "leading" themselves - is that actually what we're doing? Can you qualify that as leading?

Let me rephrase:
If the people you're leading never venture out to lead others - if they just keep following - are you actually leading them? And if so, what is it you're leading them to do?

If I lead a group of men - let's say 10 men - and I continue to lead those 10 men for 5 years with none of them either stepping up or stepping out to lead others, can we seriously equate that with "leading"...or is it something else? And are they actually "following"? Or are they just being enabled to live inwardly and apathetically? 

How do you qualify leading?
What measurement or standard do we use?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Linda S. Safford said...

A leader knows the balance of leading, taking responbility for the outcome and shouldering the result. The best leader forms a team but continues to lead. They realize others have strengths he/she does not possess. A leader is not looking for personal gratification but for an overall outcome that has more purpose than their own next rung in the ladder. The team desires to follow but also is pumped to learn and is grateful for the opportunity to branch out. The team member is not worried that the leader will squelch their desire to branch out. There is a true mentoring relationship between the leader and the team with which he/she surrounds themself. Integrity is a huge issue, don't ask for things you as a leader are not willing to do yourself, respect your teammates, and do what you say you are going to do. A leader is only as successfull as those who surround them.