January 4, 2012

WHY...All Over Again.

This is a guest post from Karen Walther, our Preschool Minister at The Brook.

On Sunday Brian spoke about the question, "Why?" Why do we do the things we do? So many times I catch myself going through my day on auto-pilot, doing things a certain way just because that is the way I have always done them. I have caught myself parenting the same way. I tend to have the same schedule with my children every day. I ask them the same questions each day, "Do you want peanut butter and jelly or turkey on your sandwich? Do you want milk or juice?" I don't even think about it anymore. Heck, sometimes I don't even ask!

What I once put great thought into when they were little, I let pass me by without a glimpse. Do you remember when your child was young and all your decisions about this little one were firsts? I really thought about them. When do I put her to bed? Why that time as opposed to the time my girlfriends put theirs to bed? How should I discipline her for the first time? How will this impact the way she sees things? How do I talk about God with her? What do I let her watch on TV? Do I even let her watch TV? I mean, I thought through EVERYTHING. Now…not so much. Why?

This year I will begin asking myself WHY all over again. Why do we do homework right when we get home from school? Why don't I sit down with my kids more often? Why do I discipline them the way I do? And after that I will ask my Heavenly Father to help me discover the reasons WHY and if they aren't good enough…then I'll be asking where I go from there. 

What are you asking yourself this year?

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