December 24, 2011

Top Posts of 2011 (Part 3)

The next post in my Top Posts of 2011 list is just one more story in a line of many that reassures people, if your life feels like a series of one hilarious, embarrassing event after another, the Mayfields are here for you! I think Morgan and I learned a long time ago that not only do you need to learn to laugh at yourself, you've got to be OK at other people laughing at you. No - not laughing "with" you - AT YOU! Like pointing, choking, doubled-over laughter. Parts of life can be tragic and painful. So take all the other opportunities to know and embrace that whether or not God has a sense of humor, He chose to give us one!

For you reading (and laughing) enjoyment, here's The Little Nosebleed That Could.

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