December 19, 2011

Early Resolve

As of right now, we've got about 2 weeks until 2012 arrives. If you're like every other human being, you'll be making at least some sort of New Year's resolution. I'm all for this. God is all about making things new - new starts and fresh beginnings. I love the first few weeks of the year at the gym because there are always a ton of new faces I've never seen before. The bad part: 3-4 weeks later, many of those new faces seem to suddenly disappear. I'd love to be able to give you some across-the-board reason why this happens. Not possible. It's different for everyone. That said, I want to give you a word of encouragement to ensure that your January 1 proclamation stands the test of time. 

You've almost certainly already begun thinking about the monumental change you're planning for next year - the new habit you're going to start (or) the old habit you're going to break. One way to give yourself a serious shot of motivation would be a reminder of WHY you made the resolution in the first place. Call it intentional early resolve! So here's what I propose:

Over the next 2 weeks, as January 1st is rapidly approaching, keep a journal. If you're planning to quit smoking, write down how you feel 15 minutes after you smoke every cigarette. If you're going to stop overeating - or stop eating too much of something - write down how you feel 5 minutes after you overeat. Keep and journal and very specifically take note of how you feel after you've indulged. If you need to start spending more time in the Word, if you need to start exercising and taking care of yourself, if you need to start getting your house in order, getting to bed earlier, watching less TV, praying with your wife - whatever it is - spend the next 2 weeks taking note of WHY

When February 1st arrives, whether you've faithfully hung in there or fallen off the wagon, you'll be inspired and motivate by your own reminder of WHY you needed to make this significant change in your life. You have to finally come to the place where you decide, "I must do this!" No one can decide for you. And by the way - in case you've forgotten or no one's ever told you - you're worth it! You've only got 1 life. Stop waiting on next week...and next month...and next year. 13 days from now...make it happen!

What change do you know needs to be made in your life?
Whatever it is, keep reminding yourself WHY!

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