September 30, 2011

Ready (Once Again) to Bring It!

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've taken a week off from the blog, but it's been awhile. Incredibly ironic that just a few weeks ago I finished reading and reviewing Bryan Allain's new eBook, "31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo!", that I would decide now to take a break. In all honesty, it's been a blessing. I've stepped back & really assessed the question, "Why am I writing this on this blog in the first place?" It's been a breath of fresh air for me. I can't wait to start a brand new conversation with you about HOW and WHY and WHERE we see the Kingdom of God springing up all around us, IN us, and THROUGH us! So, I'm ready - once again - to bring it!

My Men's Group is reading the book Spiritual Discipleship, by Oswald Sanders. I believe this is a foundational book for any Christ-follower (along with Spiritual Maturity & Spiritual Leadership). This morning I was reading through what Sanders lists as the core principles of a disciple of Jesus Christ. As he's talking about the example Christ set for us, he makes this observation: "Only twice in scripture is Christ specifically stated to be our example: once in connection with service, and, significantly, the other in connection with suffering (1 Peter 2:21)."  He goes on to say that "most of us would have no objection to being a master or a mistress, but servanthood and slavery have little attraction. And yet that is the way the Master went. He knew that such an other worldly concept would not be welcomed by an indulgent and ease-loving world of men. But He did not reduce His standards to attract disciples." 

I've been challenged to ask myself (deeply) lately, "Is this the Jesus I'm following?" In fact, there are times I wonder if maybe I've - without realizing it - been expecting Jesus to follow me. This wouldn't look the same. My way would be easier. A LOT easier! Jesus served. Jesus suffered. And Jesus told His disciples, "No servant is greater than his master." (John 13:15-16) So, what Jesus am I following?

What Jesus are you following?

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