June 18, 2011

Update on Mom

These are pictures of Mom's car as it sits in it's new home, the automobile graveyard. Thankfully she is in better shape than the Accord.

Mom was transferred to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. After further X-rays they determined that her L-3 Lumbar was crushed. Ouch! After seeing the pictures of her car and hearing her recount what happened, it's an absolute miracle that her whole body wasn't crushed and that she is still alive. As you can see, the car didn't turn out so good. But what it is is a tangible piece of evidence of the hand of God protecting her. Her first words after the car finally came to a stop: "Thank You, Jesus, for letting me live!" We appreciate your prayers and want you to know how you can continue to lift her up to the Lord. Here's what all this means:
  • Mom will be in a back/neck brace for quite some time. She is not allowed to bend.
  • She won't be released from the hospital until she can put the brace on herself. This could take a few days!
  • With an injury like this (in her case) they believe the brace will allow the lumbar to heal. There is no surgery planned at this point.
  • On the one hand, Mom will eventually need a new car. On the other hand, she won't be able to get behind the wheel for awhile, so no hurry!

We are still waiting, praying, and discerning what we need to do to help. I am headed to eastern Tennessee today to preach at a youth camp. While I'm praying for my Mom, I know she's praying for me, that the Lord will use me to boldly preach the word to these students. I plan on it! Thanks for praying!

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