June 17, 2011

Praying For My Mom


Thanks for praying for my Mom. While she has some minor injuries, probably some scrapes & bruises, and most likely is still somewhat in shock, it is 100% clear that the Lord protected her and spared her life. Here's what happened:

WHAT HAPPENED: Driving back home to Arlington yesterday, she was on I-30 near Commerce/Greenville. (This is about 35-45 minutes NE of Dallas). She saw debris in the road - probably from previous wrecks that day - and swerved to miss it. When she swerved she hit a lot of gravel, causing the car to spin, slam into the wall, and ultimately flip over. ALL the way over! She received immediate help from drivers who saw what happened. I talked to her before she ever got in the ambulance. They took her to the hospital in Greenville. One of my close friends grew up there, so I immediately called him and he sent his dad up to check on mom. He called me and said, "It sounds like she's acting just like Pat!" That's a good sign.

STATUS: They are transferring Mom (or probably already have) to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. (I did tell her that things didn't turn out too well for JFK at Parkland. Not sure if she thought that was as funny as I did.) Her X-rays showed a minor fracture (or "crack", as she puts it) in her lower back. Parkland will most likely do a MRI to make sure there are no more internal injuries. When I talked to her late last night she said that her back was the only thing bothering her. I'll be talking to her again late this morning. Her friends are heading over to retrieve everything out of her car. The car, however, will not be returning home. I don't think "totaled" is going to describe it. Probably more like "destroyed"!

I would appreciate you continuing to pray for Mom. Also pray for Morgan and me, as we try to discern how to help and what to do. I begin preaching at a youth camp in TN tomorrow night. If needed, Morgan may change her plans and fly to Dallas. We're just waiting on some direction. I am grateful to the Lord that Mom is alive. The outcome could have been completely different. Thank You, Jesus!

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