April 30, 2011

Refuge (After the Storm)

To begin to sum up the thoughts and feelings from the last few days is impossible. I don't have words. Living in Kansas for 10 years, I saw plenty of devastation from weather and tornadoes. But it never hit this close to home. A tornado formed over my house! People I know and love are homeless. I've driven through areas 5-10 minutes from my home that have been sucked off the face of the earth. It's insane. And while we are broken over the 250+ lives that were lost during these storms, this also means that the Lord spared and saved some 4 million plus lives! I guess it's about perspective.

In the days to come I look forward to sharing with you the story of the Reeves family. It's a miracle that they're still here. Until then, this is the video that Meagan shot just seconds before the tornado hit their house and then just moments after it was over...and the house is gone! The time in between - the lost footage - is probably between 60-120 seconds. It only took that long. But as they will tell you themselves, the Lord is truly a refuge for those who seek Him! See for yourself:

April 27th Tornado

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