February 10, 2011

Vision (Part 1) :: TRACTION

This week in our Leader Huddle we talked a lot about Vision. Vision is a tricky thing, but as a leader - tricky or not - it's a necessity. It's essential for us - especially those of us who are leading people to make Christ-centered, God-ordained changes in their lives - to know what that preferred future looks like. This is Vision. It rarely comes easily. You often have to wait on it. But it's well worth the time you spend quietly before God asking Him to reveal to you the road that He has marked out. Not just for you, but for those you're leading. Whether you're a pastor, ministry leader, CEO, teacher, small group leader, coach, or even simply managing and overseeing a team at work, Vision is crucial. I want to spend a few different posts talking about some of the elements of gaining, embracing, casting, and living out Vision.

I have a Jeep. In fact, this is my 3rd one. I guess I'm a "Jeep person". One of the things I have always loved about owning a Jeep is that I can pretty much go anywhere. Maybe not lightning fast, but I can get there. 4-Wheel Drive is a beautiful thing! When you look at a 4WD control bar, you usually see a few different options: 4H - N - 4L. Where you put that bar makes a difference. 4H lets me keep going the speed I'm used to going while sticking all 4 tires to the pavement. But occasionally, when you need to climb a steep hill or find yourself coming down a slick grade, going fast is the last thing you're concerned with. You need to slow down and dig in. You put it in 4L, because what you want more than a winning lottery ticket at that moment...is TRACTION. Traction is an essential part of Vision.

When we catch a glimpse of the preferred future that we believe God has laid on our heart to lead others toward, by nature, we want to get there as fast as we can. This is normal. But it's not necessarily good. When this Vision first ignites in your heart, no other human on the planet is going to be as excited or sold out to it as you are. And even though you're convinced that it's time to buy a one-way, non-stop ticket straight to Vision Land, you'll be taking the trip alone if you don't slow down. It takes time to sell Vision to the people following you. It takes trust for them to believe that you aren't just giving lip service to an idea, but that you would sell the farm for the sake of what you know could be and should be. 
And here's the simple math for you: TIME + TRUST = TRACTION.

I know you're fired up! [And if you're not - if you don't have a Vision for the people you're leading - it's time to get on your face and ask the Lord to invade your heart and life with this gift of motivation and inspiration.] I hope you're ready to see the whole picture come to life and bask in the sun that awaits in the preferred future. But unless you're solely interested in leading yourself there, slow down, invest in PEOPLE, wait on the Lord and trust Him, and be ready. He'll give you one step at a time. He'll show you when to move and when to wait. When it comes to your Vision, speed may sound good, but TRACTION is better!

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