February 2, 2011

Life Happens

Life doesn't seem to happen on our schedule, does it? I know, you plan it. You prioritize. You work you To-Do List. But that list never seems to include things like:
  • Kids will plan on getting sick on Wednesday
  • Car will break down next week and I'll have to buy a new battery
  • Someone will show up in desperate need of help. This will take up a LOT of my time and energy. I will lovingly and freely give it to them.
  • I bet I'll get sick this weekend. I should go ahead and buy some soup.
Life just happens. It doesn't call you ahead of time and let you know it's going to drop a bomb on you. It doesn't care that your schedule is packed this week or that you're already registered to run that marathon at the end of the month. You can either get mad about it - annoyed, frustrated, and bent out of shape - or you can learn to roll with it. 

And while I think we're usually under the impression that these are the times - as much as we hate them - that shape who we are, I'm believing more and more every day that they actually REVEAL who we are. You see what you're made of. You find out what your character looks like when nothing goes according to plan. And I'm not talking about because you were a slacker and didn't prepare, but because the unforeseeable and unpredictable showed up and kicked your down in. BOOM! Life usually doesn't knock first; it just lets itself in.

What's life thrown your way lately? Or is it just around the next corner?
Are you ready? Are your feet firmly planted on Christ?
He's the ONLY thing that's unshakeable. No matter what.


whitty23 said...

Hi!I was just scanning through blogs and read this post. Your exactly right though about life! Like your outlook. Hope it's okay if I continue to follow your blog. :)

Brian Mayfield said...

Thanks for sharing! Hope you were encouraged.

Jennifer Meyers said...

I liked how you said it is in those unplanned moments that life throws at you where your true character is revealed. That is so true. I used to have a saying that was "Trials are the times you pick up the pen and write your testimony." I try to be aware of that--especially the last few years with so many changes going on. Sometimes what I write is a good reflection of who I want to be known as, other times---I really wish I could pull out an eraser.

For me, I think life is a huge classroom with Jesus as the teacher. The farther along the journey, the more we are aware of where and how we fall short. I am just so thankful that God is merciful and forgiving.

Thanks so much for this post. I am really enjoying reading the blogs you post!

Constantprayer said...

Found your blog -- great insights here. Thanks for posting. Blessings.