October 16, 2010

A Math Problem

Morgan is helping Libby with her homework. There's a "story problem" in her math lesson. I'd like to share it with you:

Rita and Lauren run 2 miles. It takes Rita 1 hour to run 2 miles. It takes Lauren 1.5 hours. Who has greater speed?

This "problem" creates other problems for me. (I guess you could say I have a "Math Problem" with this!) While it only requires you to be awake to answer the question - Who has greater speed? - I think the more appropriate question would have been, "Who's slower?" Seriously? She's running...and it took an hour? And maybe it would have been a better question to ask, "Who's been eating too much junk food?", which of course would have possibly required more available options like: a)Rita b)Lauren c)BOTH

I think the question should have been about 2 turtles. Or possibly a different question about Rita and Lauren, like "Rita and Lauren have math homework. It takes Rita 3 minutes to finish her homework. It takes Lauren 5 minutes. Who was eating Sour Patch Kids while doing their homework?" You see what I mean? That's a good question!

QUESTION: Are we teaching our kids to think creatively? To use their imaginations and watch the mental sparks fly? Or are we teaching them to take tests? 


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