December 7, 2009

The Pastor Who Spoiled Christmas

Well, so far I haven't received any hate mail for calling Santa out yesterday. (It's early in the week, though) As we began the Advent Conspiracy, we talked yesterday about the struggle to keep our lives, hearts, and families bowed at the feet of the King (as the Wise Men did) while trying to play along with the rest of the world waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Whether we like it or not, we have made Christmas about what we WANT! (It's not called a "Wish List" for nothing!) And I'm just wondering, when's the game finally going to end?

First off let me say that parents have to be the ones to decide when & how they're going to have this conversation with their kids. What may be simple and direct for some parents may be long, drawn out and complicated for others. (Libby asked - we told her the truth. On to the next subject. That was when she was 3!) That being said, it still leaves me wondering: PARENTS - When are you going to stop playing the game?

Are you really thinking & praying over the long-term effects of Santa, his "lists", and Christmas being about our materialistic wants & wishes?

Have you asked yourself how you'd feel if the day we should be celebrating YOUR birth we were all running around like mad buying crap for each other?

Do we have ANY objectivity in this mess anymore? Seriously?

While I'm glad that I haven't been called the "Pastor who spoiled Christmas" yet, there's part of me that hopes - if you're still letting Christmas be about anything other than the birth of the King of Kings and the hope that it brings - that I'm a rotten egg in your Christmas!

If you want to see Jesus this Christmas....SEEK HIM!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.....


Jordan said...

Preach on Brother!!! After I returned from India in 2007, my wife and I felt convicted to donate the amount we would spend on Christmas gifts for family members to folks who really need it. Sent out a letter to all those we exchange with...some got it and did the same, others did not. We are trying to teach our kids this.

chichi said...

Thank you soo much for the message. I agree with u 100%. I grew up in a country where Christmas was about Christ and was shocked when i came to America and discovered that it had been hijacked by "SATAN'S CLAUSE" ohh i mean santa clause. It is soo sad seeing people buy and buy stuff for their kids. how would these kids ever appreciated things when they get too much?I come from where some people don't know where or when their next meal will come from. Seeing so much waste and i want i get mentality makes me cringe. I teach my child that just because so and so has this or that does not mean you have to have it too. Thanks sooo much for this message. I wish a lot of preachers would be this truthful.

dale said...

We have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, and from day one we have told our little ones that “Daddy is Santa," and that “Santa is a pretend game parents play to give toys to their kids”.

Our Children still sit on Santas' lap and still enjoy the Santa movies. A few days prior to Christmas, our 4 year old little girl said she wanted to visit Santa one more time prior to Christmas. Her father answered “honey, I’m Santa Clause” To which she said “Not you, the pretend one”.

I always wondered how could parents teach their kids about a false Santa, tooth ferry etc… which are all lies, and then expect them to believe the truth of Jesus Christ.