October 22, 2009

The Sabbath

As I'm hoping most people realize, for those of us in ministry Sunday does not usually serve as our Sabbath. In fact, I'm usually more wiped out by Noon on Sunday than I am after a 12-hour Wednesday. So as a Pastor part of leading by example is making sure that I fully embrace and protect my Sabbath. For me, this happens when the sun goes down on Friday night.

I'm sharing this for a couple of reasons. First off, to give you a couple of specific things I'm feeling convicted need to happen for me to more fully follow this biblical mandate. And second, in sharing this it opens the door of accountability. Once you share it with the world, there's no going back!

One sore spot I have felt the Holy Spirit pressing His finger in on lately is my time with my face planted in my MacBook. Mainly, checking email. Part of my Sabbath is fully enjoying and taking time with my family. So many of us are so guilty so often of "being there" physically, while mentally our mind is somewhere a million miles away. I want to BE THERE! I want my kids to know that if I'm throwing the baseball or bouncing on the trampoline with them that I'm not daydreaming about that meeting I'm having next Tuesday. They need me and my attention. And I need them. My wife needs to know that I am more devoted to her than I am to my Gmail account. So, if you ever need me on Saturday (which may happen) - if there's an emergency or it's urgent - you're going to need to call me. I won't get your email. (Not that day anyway)

[Please hear this: If you need us, call! Sometimes things happen out of our control and that's OK.]

If you're like me and you haven't really been honoring the Sabbath the way the Lord intends you to, it may be time to think through your priorities and WHO or WHAT is really in control of your life. The Lord's not messing around with this - He's serious! He knows that you and I are in desperate need of rest. And try arguing with that last statement.

Dig For Yourself:
Exodus 20:8
Isaiah 58:13-14
Mark 2:23-28

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