September 21, 2009

The Other Side of the Lake

There are days when I dig into scripture and come away wondering, "Is this really what the Lord wanted me to see & learn? Or am I just one of the weirdest people alive?" I am fully aware that the 2nd question is not limited to this incident, but there are times that I see things - something stands out - that I know can't be the BIG "spiritual" nugget that God had in mind. Or could it?

This morning I continued reading in Luke. I noticed in Luke 8:22 that Christ told the fellas, "Let's go to the other side of the lake". Then what followed is the "Wind and Waves" story where the sea goes nuts and Christ is asleep in the front of the boat. They wake Him up, freaking out, "We're all gonna die! Don't you give a rip!?" Jesus speaks. Everything calms. Then a little further on in Luke 8:40 - after Jesus is affectionately run off from Gerasenes for killing a whole herd of pigs - it says "On the other side of the lake...." And that's where I stopped.

"On the other side of the lake...."

Do you know how many stories about Christ start this way? Do you know that while one group of people couldn't wait for Jesus to get the heck out of their neighborhood and leave their farm animals alone, there were people on the other side of the lake who were desperately waiting for Him? A woman comes and has the faith to believe, "If I can just get my hand on Him - if I can just touch Him - I'll be healed!" A man comes believing that Christ can heal his daughter - even after she's pronounced dead! There is always someone "on the other side of the lake" - someone across town, in another city, in another country, or maybe even down the street from you - who is desperate for Jesus. You might not have met them and it may all be "old news" to you, but someone out there is hanging on to their last thread. And they don't care if pigs get run off the side of a cliff, if they have to sell their car, if they're forced to downsize their home - whatever it is, BRING IT ON - I just need God to come through for me on this one! Parents who would gladly take that illness from their child. People broken because their spouse decided, "I just don't want to do this anymore." People. Hurt, broken, fractured, desperate people.

I don't know what's going on where you are - what "wind and raging waves" may be rocking your boat - but I do know that somewhere...."on the other side of the lake"....someone feels your pain. Someone else is desperate. Someone else is waiting on Christ to finally arrive and make it all better. Maybe waiting on me & you to finally cross the street and let them know that there's a God who cares for them. After all, we are His hands & feet. And maybe He takes us through our storm so we can help them sail through theirs. 
Whatever the circumstances are for you right now - no matter what's going on in your life - remember, there's someone else "on the other side of the lake". What are you going to do about it?

Dig Deeper:
Luke 8:22-56
Romans 10:14-15

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