September 10, 2009

The $10 Challenge

$10 = lunch @ ATL Bread Co. or 2 visits to Starbucks.

$10 x 200 = $2000
$2000 = Clean water for 2 villages in Africa (or) the funds to train, equip & encourage 100 leaders in your church (or) groceries for 10-15 families in need.

It's time to take The $10 Challenge!
We're asking everyone at The Brook to prayerfully consider giving $10 more a week than they do right now. We wonder, "What good can MY $10 do in the grand scheme of things?" Honestly, I'm not sure. But when many of us make the determination that Kingdom-sized things are going to take priority over a turkey bacon club or 2 Venti Caramel Lattes (I know...don't mess with your Starbucks!) the Lord can take that money and multiply it beyond our comprehension. He's into doing things like that, you know. Like bread & fish. Remember that story?

Maybe you don't go to The Brook. Who cares?! Take this challenge to your friends in your church in your city. I don't know, maybe you're loaded. Go crazy. Make it $20! Just don't start running through the house with a pair of scissors!

Will you join us in stepping out in faith?
Will you sacrifice a couple of trips to Sonic?

Now's the time. Now's your chance.
Just see what God will do. I dare you!
Take The $10 Challenge!

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