July 4, 2009


Looking forward to tomorrow. Heading out to the IOP for some time with my family. I'm anticipating the therapeutic moments of refusing to open my laptop, pick up my cell phone, or think that everyone (or anyone for that matter) is hanging on pins and needles for me to Tweet what I'm doing and what music is playing in the background. I have a mission above & beyond every other these next few days: disconnecting.

Hopefully you understand the reality of this problem. The fact that I'm blogging about it now - and will be tempted to blog about it in the very middle of actually disconnecting - further reveals my point.

And someone might interject, "Brian, shouldn't your main priority be spending time with your family?" My response to that is an emphatic "YES"! But if I'm being honest with myself (and with you) I will not be truly giving myself - my time and attention and love - to my family unless I intentionally and purposefully disconnect. And this is something that we have to begin to practice more regularly than just when we're on vacation. We don't even know how to take our "Day Off" anymore.

Here's what I plan to CONNECT with over the next few days: my wife, my kids, family, the beach, Wild Dunes Harbor Course, lots of shrimp, key lime pie, Momma Brown's BBQ, running down Palm Boulevard, pralines from River Street Sweets, worship at Seacoast, and some extended time in the Word on my in-laws front porch. These connections depend on some very intentional disconnections.

Maybe you're like me - you need a HARD RESET. Push the button. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family. And the Lord has some things He's probably been waiting to whisper to us about. Things we really need to hear. Listen. And don't worry about who else you're going to Tweet it to or how you're going to blog about it. BE THERE.


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