June 18, 2009


I am finding that there are these moments - many of which we are never watching for or expecting to come - when the Lord finally decides we need to be wrecked. It's as if our heart can be taken like an old boat, tossed up & down in a storm, and smashed into the rocks that we never saw coming. Not only do we not see that we're on a course for the rocks, we don't even realize the storm is brewing. This wrecking is always for a reason. And most of the time - for me anyways - it is so the Lord can remind me that He is my life and His Word is my lifeline.

If you haven't read Psalm 119 lately - or ever - I highly encourage you to take 15-20 minutes to quietly read & meditate on these words. This is in essence 176 verses of a wrecked man, confessing that his life depends on the Word of God. He finds his delight, his hope, his protection, his value, his refuge & shield - he has found everything he needs for life in the law of the Lord. Everything!

There are times when I need to be wrecked. I don't like it, but I know there are days when I need Christ to clean out my closet and interrupt my slumber. I have to be reminded that it's the Word of God that "is full of living power" and cuts deep "into our innermost thoughts and desires" and "exposes us for what we really are." (Hebrews 4:12) And when I'm conscious of this - when I am picking up the pieces and allowing the Lord to piece them back together - I know only to beg that when it begins to happen again...He will wreck me once more.

Have you spent time in the Word of God today?
Are you allowing it to expose the depths of your heart?
Are you hiding it in your heart that you might not sin against Him?

Are you in need of a wrecking?


Jan said...

This describes how I feel right now - like God is tossing me about and my heart does indeed feel wrecked, but in a very positive way.

Flossy~Kirk said...

I have been completely wrecked and my fate will be decided on July 8th. I am completely and totally relying on God's word to not only heal me and put me back together for His purpose, but to be my representation and my protection. Thanks for opening your blogs to those of us that need it, I follow you here and on Twitter, thanks to my ex-husband who knows you......
Blessings to you...