June 15, 2009

Taking Back Monday

I don't know about you, but some Mondays just bite. They're the Mondays that give Monday a bad name! Today is working really hard to get labeled as such: just got back from a few days vacation; it's cloudy and overcast; several of the staff are still out, recovering from mission trip. It's one of those days! I've realized that during these times I really have to work to find out what the Lord is teaching me and what He desires of me today. It's like trying to hear someone whisper over the noise of a 747. Good luck!

With this in mind, I start asking a question earlier: What is it I'm praying for today? What do I want to see happen in my life by the time today is history? As I pose these questions to myself and lay them before the Lord, here's what I came up with:

- I want to be aware of other people in my life. I want my eyes to be open to ANYONE the Lord might lead into my path that is in need of His touch.

- I long to share the hope of Christ with someone. Whether that's through sharing my story with them or listening to their story, I want to tell someone about Christ.

- I desire for my wife and children to know that they are more important than me - that I have put them before myself. This takes action.

Today, Monday, June 15, 2009 - this is what I desire.
Sure, these probably fall into the "Lifelong Goals" category as well, but today I am focused on today. Remember, today is trying really hard to stink! It's begging to not be remembered. But I'm not letting Monday off the hook so easily. I'm taking back this dreary, overcast, unproductive Monday and demanding something better!

How's your Monday going?
What are you praying & living for today?

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Jan said...

I had no idea you missed us. :) My goal for Monday was to a)sleep and b)unpack and c) do my laundry so I would have something to wear to work on Tuesday!