May 18, 2009

The Future of The Brook (Telling Our Story)

When you think about WHAT the church - and more specifically, YOUR church - is called to do, lots of churchy terms can come into play. And in all fairness maybe they're not churchy, they're just so overused & misused that we've become disenchanted and intimidated by them. One term that comes to my mind is "sharing your faith" or "witnessing". In general, the idea of taking on this responsibility intimidates and frightens most Christians. At the same time - if the Great Commission is still our mandate - it's what we're called to do. That said, I'd like for you to think about it another way.

Think about one of your co-workers. Or how about that man/woman who lives down the street that you've been casually getting to know these last months. What about that parent you keep running into in your child's class. Think of someone in your life whom you might have thought their acquaintance was insignificant. Now think about this: Doesn't that person have a story? Haven't they certainly been through things in their own life that have shaped who they are and what they're like? Of course. And what about you? Don't you have a story? Of course you do. And the beauty is - as a follower of Jesus Christ - HE is the thing that has changed your story forever!

You see, everyone has a story. And in reality, most people are in desperate need of finding someone who cares enough to listen to their story. Many are afraid or skeptical to share their story because their trust has been abused or because they've been made to feel more like a project than a person. I'm pretty sure that Christ has called us to care about their story. In doing so, we will often find them wanting to know our story. And forgive me for being redundant, but the beauty is that OUR story is now part of HIS story. I can't share my story without sharing that the love of Jesus Christ has changed me forever! Can you?

And in regards to you, maybe you've been trying to convince yourself that your story is insignificant. WRONG! That's a lie from the pit of hell! What the Lord has allowed you to walk through - your joys, trials, pains, hurts, wounds, dreams - it has all been for a reason. There is someone out their who needs to hear your story. It may not have happened yet, but one day you'll meet that person that only you can look in the face and say, "I understand!" Trust me. That day will come.

At The Brook, it's time that we embrace our story. Not only as individuals, but as a church! In 11 very short years this church family has been through much: trial, pain, grief, loss, renewal, restoration - all with the hope & faith that God is in control, in the middle of it all, weaving His handiwork through sorrow and suffering to change us and advance His Kingdom. Whether you've been here 2 months or 10 years, YOU have a story! And there are people in your life waiting to tell their story - waiting to know that someone in the universe will listen and will care.

WHO are we? WHAT are we called here to do?
I think it's pretty simple.
"Real People, Discovering Together that Our Story is Part of His Story."

Are you listening? Are you hearing their story?
Are you telling yours? Are you looking for that opportunity?

More to come......

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Jan said...

It's been my prayer for three years and counting that I will be given the opportunity to share my story for the good of the kingdom of God. Still praying.