April 13, 2009

Thinking About Thinking

Right now I'm standing at the threshold of a strange place - very soon it will be time to begin casting vision. While it may sound egotistical to some, for those who have been wired & fueled by the Creator to lead, we know that we have to have those "Burning Bush" moments where the Lord begins to reveal not only Himself but the direction in which He is leading. The moment in time comes when He begins to say, "I've told you what to do, I've shown you where to go...now go!"

Part of the prayerful process is listening. And as I've been listening (and continue to do so) it naturally evolves into thinking - you can't avoid it! And as I realize more every day that truly listening is a mountainous journey, thinking is just as monumental a task. Let me explain what I mean.

When we're presented with new ideas - when the thought of something new crosses our horizon - we rarely objectively give it consideration. It unfortunately has to pass through the filter of our comforts and preferences. As Will Mancini says in his book Church Unique, the hard "reality is that most people don't think; they only rearrange their prejudices. Real thinking can be disruptive to the status quo and requires a great deal of courage."

For me, I'm tired of deceiving myself into thinking that I'm thinking - you know. I want my heart & mind to be at a place where every once-in-awhile it says, "Let's wipe off the board and start from scratch". I know, that's a scary place to be. White board. Blank slate. But this is a journey, not a destination. And this part of the journey - especially together - takes our faith in the Lord and each other to heights we've never known. That's where I'm ready to go. Are you?

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about thinking...and I think - that if you're like me - there are amazing things ahead!

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