April 23, 2009

Certainty & Clarity

I was reminded today of a statement Andy Stanley made (and I'm pretty sure often reiterates) - "It's OK to be uncertain, but it's not OK to be unclear." I find much truth and conviction in this statement.

You have to keep in mind that this is a leader saying this to leaders. When we are called of God to shepherd and lead His people and we're called to do it with vision & conviction, it is essential that we speak and lead with clarity. WHO we are and WHAT we are called to do cannot be fuzzy or hazy. And as the tide shifts and HOW we do WHAT we're called to do has to be re-written in the sand, there cannot be confusion. We cannot be talking out the side of our mouth. And as he said, it's OK to be uncertain - and it's OK to be very clear that you're uncertain. What is not OK is to be unclear. Want proof? Try driving down a country back road at night with your headlights off and your windows fogged up. Think clarity's important now?

I thank the Lord for those moments of crystal clear certainty - when everything falls into place and makes perfect sense. But I also long for those moments when I cannot possibly & fully understand what the Lord is asking of me - when uncertainty is sitting on my sofa - and I can trust Him enough to speak clearly, lead faithfully and confidently, and be OK with not knowing it all.

Clearly uncertain? OK.
Certainly unclear? Not OK.

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Jan said...

Sometimes those moments of uncertainty are what trusting God is all about. Those are the moments that drive us to our knees and to get on our face before God - which I've learned is a good place to be.