March 28, 2009


Our plan of loading most everything we own into the moving truck today was postponed due to the 8-10 inches of snow we've had dumped on us the last day. No biggie. We load it tomorrow. Sometimes life throws these sort of curve balls at you and you have to decide how you're going to react or respond. And don't get me wrong - I've been tempted to be quite frazzled by this unexpected turn of events. But a little perspective goes a long way.

If you're paying attention you probably know that our neighbors up north in Fargo (and surrounding areas) are pulling together to try and sandbag their way to safety. They are literally watching the surplus of snow they've received this winter melt and turn into a raging, frozen, angry river - destroying everything in it's path. I first of all can't even imagine going through a flood. But imagine a flood that's just a few degrees north of freezing. Breath-taking pain.

So again, I'll take my extra night of sleep in my own bed, my day of staying inside by the fire, and I will gratefully, thankfully, joyfully and heartily load my truck tomorrow. And I will pray for those who don't have that fortune. Join me.


Jan said...

Good reminder. Perspective is so easy to lose isn't it? I get easily upset over things that probably don't really matter in view of the big picture.

Wendel (DEL) said...

Well, if u didn't have anything deep to share, you just did :).
I'm praying for you, man, and can't wait to serve (no puns).

Wendel (DEL) said...

Also, I'm sure that the snow did not catch God by surprise, right?