December 16, 2008

Please Place the Item in the Bag

It's becoming clear to me that many seemingly intelligent individuals have yet to grasp the purpose of some things. When they fail to do this it brings much frustration to those of us in the general public who are even moderately aware of how things are supposed to work. Let me explain.

The new "Self Check Out" aisles at the grocery store - these are designed for a few reasons. First of all they are there for people who are purchasing a few things; you know, like 2-10 items. They are not for the person with 37 items, 14 of which are produce, a jumbo bag of dog food, and the one golden item in the store with no sku # on it. These aisles are also for people who somewhat understand the concept of electronics - someone who could operate an old-school Atari or a CD player. Not the lady at the store today who scanned a carton of eggs 14 flippin' times today! She started arguing with the machine as it spouted back at her, "Please place the item in the bag". This was evidently not as clear to her as it was to the rest of us watching and waiting. And finally, these are not - I repeat, are NOT - for people writing checks! This brings us to the next issue.

Checks. People still writing checks at the grocery store, at Target, at Lowes.... Are you aware that they invented this magical device called a check card? It's marvelous! They swipe the card, the money comes straight out of your checking account, they give you a receipt, and you can record the withdrawal when you get home...rather than while you're standing there in line with 7 people waiting behind you! Hi there. Welcome to the 21st Century. 

God has given me the privilege (or curse) of not being able to avoid getting behind these nice folks. Do you know them? Tell them to smile and wave at the nice, patient guy behind them! He has nowhere else to go & nothing else to do.

I love visiting the grocery store. It's a magical land of discovery. Food, chocolate, and people! What more could you ask for?


Keith said...

God is just helping you develop your patience and mercy. You better make sure Ken hasn't been praying that God would give you patience.

Brian Mayfield said...

I was actually going to put Ken in the blog as a contact person who needed training in these areas. I decided against it.

The Ken said...

I have not, would not, and could not, based on my previous experience, pray for patience for someone else!

Unless of course they include me as a contact person who needed training... that was close one for you Brian.