October 28, 2008

Think Fast!

This day has been one of those that (ever since I made the decision at 5:45 to get back in bed rather than go running) seems to be stuck in the mud. Everything I've done today has felt like I had weights attached to me - sort of like trying to sprint in quicksand. Good luck.

Needless to say, on days like this you probably don't find yourself on the lookout for God to speak to you or to radically smack you upside the head with some fresh thought that puts a kick in your step. But just moments ago - while I was minding my own business - the Lord interrupted my day with a disturbing realization. I have utterly and completely forsaken the need in my life for fasting. In fact, as I've thought about it, it seems the only thing I'm good at fasting from...is fasting!

The rest of this day will be spent asking the Lord for conviction and discernment about WHAT He desires me to fast from, HOW often & long I need to partake of this, and WHO I need to share it with. I'm beginning to feel like God is already pressing his finger in on the sore spot - the thing He is going to ask me to set aside and release for awhile. We'll wait, pray, and see.

Are you fasting? Have you given anything up for the sake of prayer? Have you allowed yourself to walk through this experience that reminds us that HE is all we need? Or are you simply fasting from fasting? My encouragement to you...think fast!

Matthew 6:16-18
Isaiah 58:1-7
Acts 13:1-3

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