October 9, 2008


We're sitting in the airport the other day, waiting to board our plane, and I hear the Delta agent across the hall spewing some blah blah blah about waiting for our plane to arrive and then I hear her utter that famous word that Delta and American are so famous for: OVERSOLD! Have you heard this word before? When you're waiting for your plane? This is the airline's way of letting you know, "We sold you a seat...but not really." They sold you a ticket for a supposed seat that doesn't technically exist until they figure out if everyone who bought "supposed" seats has shown up when they then somehow reserve the right to inform you that someone (voluntarily, mind you) is going to have to give up their "supposed" seat. OVERSOLD.

When I talked to Enterprise Rent-a-Car on the phone and asked the question, "So, the Suburban on your website means that you actually have a Suburban or the equivalent - something I can put 6 people and luggage in?" And the answer I got was "Yes Mr. Mayfield!" I love being called Mister. Only to arrive at Enterprise yesterday and have the lady explain to me that a Tahoe (which you all know is NOT a Suburban) available for me. Again, the communicated reality is not really the reality at all.

Fast forward 4 hours. We arrive at the hotel. I have booked 2 Suites - those are rooms with 2 double beds and a sofa bed - 2 Suites that would sleep 6 people. I have 6 people. They give us our keys, we go to our rooms, open the door...NOT suites. I go back down & explain to the men at the front desk the situation. We concur that there is a dilemma. One of the men begins to explain to me that because I booked my reservation at Travelocity - not directly with the hotel - that my reservation was secure, but not the TYPE of reservation. In other words, we could put you in the Janitor's closet if we wanted to. Are you serious? Is anyone seeing the pattern here? Is this the largest conspiracy in the history of the world? Are there travel agents thinking this up and selling the idea as a scam?

It's just begun to bake my bagel that all these people and companies and organizations call sell you something that's not really what they say it is. People want to know that they're not being sold a bag of goods and that at least to some level of decency things ARE actually what they seem. People are hungry and desperate and longing for some integrity in this world. And they're not finding it overflowing from the walls or the fabric of the American dream or from this capitalist haven we call home. It has to come from US! The people of God have got to be determined and set on being WHO and WHAT we say we are! We can't be the one selling the bag of goods. If we're not the genuine article...who will be?

So, don't be the one adding to the facade. Don't be caught pawning off a varied version of reality. And don't - I repeat, DO NOT - expect a Suburban to actually be a Suburban or a suite to be as sweet as you think. And the next time you arrive an hour early for your flight...expect to hear the magic word: OVERSOLD.

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