July 7, 2008

Tide Pool Theology

Looking at everything through a spiritual lens can be considered a gift or a curse. I consider it the former. After all, we are created by the One who is infinite, holy, perfect, all-knowing, and who details His handiwork with precision and love. How can we not look at the world and everything in it and marvel? How can we not see that everything is spiritual?

That being said, I was sitting on the beach the other day as my kids were playing in the tide pools. A few of us started talking about how the currents create a new beach every time the tides come in and out. In essence, I can go to the same beach every day of my life and be coming to a "different" beach. It's constant - always there - and yet always changing.

I began to sense that God desires me and my walk with Him to parallel the sand on the shore. While my relationship with Him is constant - He never leaves me, forsakes me, walks away from me, or takes away His love or salvation - my life, my habits, my character, my discipline, my faithfulness, and everything about me should be ever-changing. I am NOT called to stay the same.

What if the beach rebelled? What if the tides come in tomorrow and the shore refuses to give way or to shift and move? What happens then? I'm not sure...mainly because it's not going to happen. But how often does God desire to change and re-shape us, only to find us refusing to move or be broken? I see this constantly in my elders and I see myself wrestling with it more often now than before. As we see many things in our life around us changing, it's as if we desperately start grasping for something to stay the same. We long for something to remain unchanged. All the while forgetting...that's where God comes in.

If you're looking or longing for anything else in this life to remain constant and true other than Him, you're going to be the victim of endless frustration and agony. He never changes, yet He desires to constantly be changing you and me.

Take a lesson from the tides pools and wake up tomorrow ready to be different than you were today.

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