July 31, 2008

On the Road Again

The road from Texas to Kansas is a trying one. Yesterday as I was traveling I-35 there were several things I noticed. So many things in fact, that they were racing through my head faster and more recklessly than the Taurus that passed me doing 90 mph. I needed to spit them out just to try and possibly make sense of some of them.

First off, I have come to the realization that most people in this world (at least this one here in the middle of the blessed country) don't know how to drive. There is no understanding of the concept of the "Fast Lane" - a concept or idea which leads those who follow it to use that appropriately named left lane for passing, not for a relaxing Sunday drive. If cars are passing you on your right, wake up!

I also noticed that WARNING and CAUTION signs are going up now miles before you ever actually approach construction. I was told to MERGE LEFT in Ardmore for work that was going on in Norman. Is this over-communication or just someone on a power trip? And at one point yesterday I drove for 5 miles in 1 lane traffic (cones to the left of us) for construction that was never there. If you take the day off, maybe take the cones with you!

I have most certainly determined that attempting to figure out the Oklahoma Highway Dept. is time ridiculously (and most assuredly) wasted. The roads will always be torn up and yet, ironically, they have been doing construction on them since Jimmy Carter was in office. I'm sure actually longer than this, but I'm working with my own memory.

On another note, during this time of recession here in America, where things are tight, our wallets are a little thinner, our gas tanks are breaking us, and people are feeling the crunch, there is one thing that remains certain: casinos keep going up!
It amazes me that even in times like this that not only are the casinos not hurting, they're building. I saw at least 3 yesterday along the highway that were expanding and becoming more monstrous than they already were. Isn't there something wrong with this?

Back in Kansas now. Roads? Paved. Traffic? Non-existent. Temperature? Not nearly as hot as Texas! Casinos? Not many...but I expect to see slot machines in WalMart any day now.

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LynnAnn said...

love your blog, Brian!