March 15, 2008

Don't Go There

I have to admit, it's a little tempting. You know, that escape route that leads to security, stability, and a routine paycheck and retirement. I'm sure the older you get and the longer you allow yourself to just hang around it becomes more enticing. I guess it's actually not tempting in the way I'm tempted to eat the whole carton of Ben & Jerry's, but the kind of temptation that says, "Relax. You've earned it. Just sit back, don't make such a fuss. Don't rock the boat or stir up the water. Set it on cruise...and just fake it through one more day."

To those who are closest to me - who care about my well being and the spiritual condition of those I serve and shepherd - please smack me upside the head if you ever sense I'm even drifting close to this life. Please don't let me walk through my days like I'm on Repeat - saying the same things, driving the same route, making the same jokes, retracing the same steps - not interested in breaking free from the mundane monotony that comes from living, working, surviving for a paycheck. That is prison.

Please hear me: that is NOT who I am or where I ever intend to go. My soul just grows weary from watching it - seeing the ripple effects of what it does to the sleeper and those around him or her. Please, for the sake of everyone, WAKE UP!

[Pause - in hopes the sleeper will wake up]

In my way of seeing it, as someone who has decided to work for the King and His Kingdom, I can spend my days being spent for one of a couple of things: programs (the events/tasks/routines that make up my days & ministry); paycheck (this is the way of stockpiling artificial security); or people (go and make disciples). Only one of those is worthwhile. Only one of those are on the King's agenda. If it ever begins to be about one of the other's time to re-think it all. It will be time to have the guts to say, "Maybe it's time for a complete overhaul in life." That time comes for many, you know. And it's much more dignified and honorable to face it rather than run from it.

So, if the temptation begins to entice or lure your heart into thinking that security, stability, and coasting on into the finish are an acceptable course to follow...don't go there. It's way too painful for everyone in the end.

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