February 26, 2008

Out on a Limb

Have you ever done something a certain way for so long that when you tried to take a new turn or learn something new that it seemed almost insurmountable? Well, I'm there. I just got my brand new Mac. After one day I can already see the benefits and bonuses to using these fine well-oiled machines. I'm guessing this might be what it felt like if I bought a Porsche or something. Like "What am I doing with all this car?" 

Most of us will not willingly put ourselves through the agony of a complete overhaul in any area of our life. But sometimes we need it. And I know that directly my spiritual life has nothing to do with whether or not my computer says Dell or Mac on it. But I think that forcing myself out on this limb of having to do something in a totally new and confusing way is a good thing.

Is there something you can do to sort of force yourself out on a new limb? Think about it and pray hard. No one else can push you out there. And God may have something new and exciting He wants to teach you or show you. It's your choice.
And if you consider going out on that limb, just remember that the Tree is trustworthy!
John 15:5

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