February 16, 2008

The Importance of One Person

Has anyone invested in you? Was there (or is there) a person who went out of their way and made an indelible mark on your life and your heart? Did someone disciple you, mentor you, help shape you into the person you are today? We've been called by God to "take action" in others lives; to make an impact.

Of course, it goes without saying that my parents had a great deal of influence on who I am today - in more good ways than bad (just thought I'd throw that in there in case you're reading this Mom or Dad). Outside of that, there were a few people that invested in my life not because of genetics or sympathetic reasons, but because they saw value in me. One of those people was Tod Forbess.

I remember countless Sunday nights riding in the RX-7 with the "Tod F" license plate, spilling my guts, sharing my screw-ups, and Tod just listening and processing it all. Tod would sometimes give me advice, sometimes he would set me straight, and sometimes he would just listen. But he always prayed with me and for me. He created routes to restaurants that went miles out of the way just so we could finish our conversation. He really cared.

This was 17-18 years ago. That's half my lifetime. And yet it is still as fresh on my heart as it was there and then.

Did someone invest in you? If so, make sure you're paying it forward - make sure you're heeding the call of Jesus to "make disciples". And if you don't identify with this story, don't let it be your excuse to miss out on the greatest reward accessible to you as a child of the King. "GO and make discipes....!"

If you're ready to hear more about this and go the distance, I'll see you tomorrow morning as we talk about "The Importance of One Person".


The Ken said...

Dan Crandall

Beau Hayden said...

How about I say...Brian the Brain Mayfield. He has walked through come craziness with me, and he is still walking through life with me.