February 29, 2008


In the book "Exiles", Michael Frost talks about "dangerous songs" - these songs we've sung over and over in worship, praise and adoration of Jesus, yet fail to actually live out. We make claims and assertions that God never intended for us to make or we make promises and declarations that we haven't really thought through - we don't consider the real consequences or ramifications of living out such statements.

One such statement that's been reeling through my mind lately is from the song "The Air I Breathe". In the chorus of the song we sing, "...I'm desperate for You..." Seriously? Desperate? Think about this: when was the last time you were desperate for anything? When was the last time that in this certain place or circumstance you believed "I am at my end. God if you do not act here I am through. If You don't come through - if You don't meet me in this place - I don't know how I will go on." Been there lately?

I was reminded of desperation this morning when I read Luke 18:35-43. A blind beggar is sitting by the road and overhears that Jesus is coming his way. He begins screaming at the top of his lungs, "JESUS! Son of David! Have mercy on me." Everyone tried to shut him up, but he only screamed louder and longer. "JESUS! Have mercy on me!" In other words, "I'm DESPERATE for you!" This was a man who had been waiting on rescue. This was also a man who not only believed, he KNEW that Jesus was the only one who could bring rescue. That's why he called out to him as "Son of David". He knew who Jesus was. Do we? If so, then why aren't we desperate?

I believe the answer lies in the daily struggle that we have of reaching and loving the people in this world, and at the same time not allowing the things of this world to seduce our hearts away from the only One who can satisfy us. Jesus.

Jesus. There is no other name, no other word, no other thought that brings peace and disturbance to my heart simultaneously. He disciplines me and comforts me. He leads me, guides me, walks with me, and at the same time says, "You have to take these steps and trust that I am with you." The Psalmist asked, "Who can satisfy my soul but You, Oh Lord?" No one. No one but Jesus.

Jesus, may You work in our hearts and lives in such a way that we find ourselves able to truthfully say, "I'm desperate for You". You are the only thing that satisfies. And hopefully we won't have to become beggars to find this out.

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