December 21, 2007

Just the right time....

Just the other day I got a note from one of my former students. What was so great about it was that it simply said "Thanks". There was much more to it than that, but the essence of the message was "I was thinking about the impact you've had on my life...and I wanted to say "Thank You". And like so often in life, this note came at "just the right time".

It's like there are these times in your life when you're not down or sad or depressed or even unhappy with what you're doing, you just need encouragement. And what's crazy is you usually don't even know you need it until someone sends it your way. This was definitely the case for me the other day. But this got me thinking about the character of God and how He tends to operate.

In Romans 5:6, Paul tells us that Christ came at "just the right time" to die for us sinners. I've always sort of passed over this and not thought too much about it. Ultimately we have no idea why it was "just the right time" - why not now or 300 years before? That's not for us to know. This is God's M.O. - He does everything at just the right time! He leads us to the desert, He brings us to the water, He brings the trial & struggle, He relieves the burden, and He brings the encouragement at "just the right time". And often...we are totally unaware.

I hope you're encouraged knowing that the God who "supplies all our needs according to His riches" is paying great attention to your life. He knows your needs and your heart. And He does everything at "just the right time".

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