November 29, 2007

Not Interested!

I spent some time the other morning reading in Galatians 6. When you get to verse 11, Paul takes the pen from the person he's been dictating the letter to and by doing so says, "The rest of what I've got to say is so important I'm gonna write it myself."

In verse 14 Paul says that because of the cross of Christ "my interest in this world are long dead...." This is not something shocking for us to hear Paul declare. We're used to this idea - at least hearing someone like him proclaim it - and it's something we've grown used to knowing we should desire. But then he continues on and he catches me off guard. He says "...and this world's interest in me died long ago." Stop and think about that for a second.

What the heck does that mean? Doesn't that cut against the grain of Christ's mandate to me to be a "light in the darkness"? I'm supposed to have something others see and desire, right? I was just plain flat stumped by this one. Then I think it hit me. The world, and the one who's been given free reign to wreak his own bouts of havoc on it, doesn't bother with those who are clearly, without a doubt, sold out.

Think about this. Do you imagine Satan to be convening with his cohorts around the table about their newest plan to bring down Billy Graham? Can't see it happening. I'm pretty sure they stopped investing any of their time or energy in Billy a long time ago. They know where he stands and that he will not be shaken or fall from the foundation. No, the enemy - the world - spends time waiting, prowling and watching for those who just can't seem to make up their mind.

It's like commercials. Like that BEEF, IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER commercial. Do you think that ad is aimed at vegetarians? No way. They're not trying to convince a vegan to chow on some cow. They know there are these millions of people out there who at one time tasted that mouth-watering ribeye and that they must might be able to convince them they need to come have another bite. They're aiming at the undecided.

So, have you decided? Is it crystal clear to the enemy - to the world - where you stand? Or is the only thing that's clear is that you just can't make up your mind?
I wan't to be in that place where the enemy finally says, "We're not wasting our time with Mayfield anymore. It's just not worth it. Not interested!"
Have you made up your mind?

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