November 12, 2007

My Secret Life

I read this morning in Romans 2:16 where Paul tells us that " day God...will judge everyone's secret life." (my paraphrase)

There will come a day when we are judged by our creator and redeemer for the things we did in private, the thoughts that filled our mind, the things we thought no one knew about. These are the times & things that define who we truly are. As I read this the only thing I could think was, "I don't want a secret life!"

Here's the solution: accountability. [Oh, here he goes again. If I hear this accountability hoo ha again I'm gonna be sick.] Sorry. I had a small Jim Gaffigan moment there. Yes, accountability. And in case we're questioning what that really means, it's open, forthright, honesty with someone you can trust. It's the guardian of your integrity.

We can expose the things inside ourselves and ask God to purify our hearts, change us and give us a desire to run after Him. Or we can just wait for the day when all the "secrets" will be brought to light. And we can answer for it then.
I think I'd rather shorten that future Q & A time down a little.

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