November 27, 2007

Life on Planet H-Trae

There's a parallel universe...somewhere on the other side of the sun. We don't want to talk about it or act like it's there because then we'd have to reconcile what would happen if they came and took our stuff or ate all our pie. But trust's there. And crazy things happen in the upside-down world. Things that just wouldn't work here on the "big round ball".

For instance, athletic coaches, country clubs and job supervisors hear things like, "No, I'm sorry. I won't be there because I'll be at a church event" or "I'm sorry but this (game, job, position, blah blah blah) really is not the most important thing in my life."

There are days here on earth that I just wish...for once...I could hear those words come out of someone's mouth about something. I know, I must live in some sort of plastic bubble or I'm detached from reality. Probably. That's where I've always been most at home. Help me out here. Am I crazy? Am I - at 35 - just way too old fashioned? Say it isn't so. But what is it in people's lives these days - especially Christians - that sets the standard and determines the priority?

Maybe that parallel universe isn't really there. Maybe I'm just making the whole thing up. But I'm starting to wish...and hope...that it's out there somewhere.

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Tw said...

If you lived in Bizarro world would you know you live in Bizarro world?

Or would you think Bizarro was Normal?